Cape to Peru

While travelling South America for the last three and a half weeks, I naturally spent a great portion of my travelling time searching for instruments and hopefully a locally made Peruvian harp. On Linares Street in La Paz, Bolivia, we were surrounded by instrument shops and were told that some may have harps. Unfortunately, none did.

Finally in a small town near Machu Picchu in Peru, upon visiting some Inca terraces, we happened upon a blind harpist using a locally made harp, singing as well. What a treat!


When in Arequipa (also in Peru) we found a number of quaint music shops with harps that they had made themselves, similar to the one in the picture. The worst part was realising I couldn’t get the harp back to Cape Town! While I wouldn’t use it for weddings, it would have loved to take it home and try out South American styles on it…