Music Therapy Harp

The harp is an ancient instrument renown for its potential healing properties. Many people know the story of David and Saul from the Bible. Saul was beset with troubles, some would say mentally disturbed, ill, tormented, and David would soothe him by playing the harp. The harp can have a remarkably calming effect, with a tonal quality that is otherworldly and enchanting.

Throughout history, the harp has been associated with heaven and heavenly things, and even thought of as a symbol of the angelic. This can be seen in legends and myths of the Celtic as well. The harp is of course on the coat of arms of Ireland as well as decorating the Guinness beer! Turning to the Hellenic myths, the Greek god, Hermes invented the harp, according to legend, and gave it to Apollo. Apollo became the god of music, amongst other things, and was always seen accompanied by the lyre. 

The use of the harp is varied in today’s society. Harpists play for entertainment as well as for the harp’s unique soothing properties. In Cape Town, you may find a harpist who can specialise in drawing edgier sounds from her harp, or a harpist who specialises in using the harp therapeutically, such as a music therapist. 

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