The harp is an ancient instrument renown for its potential healing properties. Many people know the story of David and Saul from the Bible. Saul was beset with troubles, some would say mentally disturbed, ill, tormented, and David would soothe him by playing the harp. The harp can have a remarkably calming effect, with a tonal quality that is otherworldly and enchanting.

Throughout history, the harp has been associated with heaven and heavenly things, and even thought of as a symbol of the angelic. This can be seen in legends and myths of the Celtic as well. The harp is of course on the coat of arms of Ireland as well as decorating the Guinness beer! Turning to the Hellenic myths, the Greek god, Hermes invented the harp, according to legend, and gave it to Apollo. Apollo became the god of music, amongst other things, and was always seen accompanied by the lyre. 

The use of the harp is varied in today’s society. Harpists play for entertainment as well as for the harp’s unique soothing properties. In Cape Town, you may find a harpist who can specialise in drawing edgier sounds from her harp, or a harpist who specialises in using the harp therapeutically, such as a music therapist. 

Contact me if you are looking for a harpist in Cape Town!


Whale Coast Weddings & Wine Expo

whalecoast-eventThis weekend, I will be performing at the Whale Coast Weddings and Wine Expo. The expo runs on 24, 25 and 26 September at Bona Dea Estate. Follow this link to find out more about the expo: Why not come out to the Hermanus and Hemel-en-Aarde region for an afternoon of wine-tasting, beautiful music and artistic decor, cakes, photography and dresses? Its only a two hour drive from Cape Town, and so worth it!

I’ll be performing on stage on Thursday 24 September (a public holiday) at the following times:



Hope to see you there!

FAB Bridal Show 2015

Calling all bride-to-be’s: I’ll be performing at the FAB Bridal show coming up on 28-29 March in the Market Hall at GrandWest Casino in Cape Town.

There are tons of extravagant and practical exhibits for each and every kind of bride.

If you are interested in coming along, I have a limited amount of comps. Contact me to see if there are any left. ( or 0834129768). Otherwise, tickets are available at the door at R70 per person.

Hope to see you there!

Cape wedding show

Spier harpist

Table Bay Wednesdays this March

Every Wednesday this March, I will be performing during high tea at the Table Bay Hotel at the Waterfront in Cape Town. Come enjoy high tea (truly divine) or simply a cup of coffee.


See you there between 2:30 and 5:15 every Wednesday this month!


high tea harpist

SA Wedding Show 2014

Wow! What an amazing experience! I met so many invaluable friends and contacts and will definitely be back next year. I strong advise any brides to get themselves to the CTICC for the 2015 SA Wedding Show. There are tons of interesting vendors catering to the grandest and most modest budgets. I look forward to seeing you there year!


Cape Town Harp for Weddings


John Parry

blind harpist

John Parry was an 18th century harpist who was not only an accomplished performer, but was also blind from birth. Born in 1710 in Wales, Parry found patrons who provided him with a triple harp. A triple harp has not only one row of strings but three, making for some incredibly complicated and intricate finger work. Parry divided his time between performing at his patron’s homes in Wales and London. He dazzled London’s cultural elite and his name has gone down eternally in music history.

A remarkable artist, Parry overcame a challenge so profound while pursuing a musical career in spite of his burden.  As far away as my modern, 21st century Cape Town life may seem, the lesson to be taken from our 18th century Welsh bard is always clear to me: No matter what my circumstance, I can rise above. I don’t have to see my goal in order to achieve it, I only have to dream it.